In the modern world, finding the ideal antivirus for your needs is not a simple task. There are hundreds of free and for-pay choices on the market, and figuring out which one is right for you can be overwhelming. At OMAW, we have done lots of work for you, picking the best antivirus and security suites available online and providing you with a comprehensive review that is designed to help you make the perfect option. Compare similar products side by side, learn which features are most important to you, and get the best antivirus today!



It supplies a wide assortment of security suite features that could be tough to match. As a relatively new firm, ScanGuard is really trying to stand outside with ScanGuard Security Suite, competing with other, more established security mega-suites with multi-device policy at a reasonable price.



With AVG, you get a powerful, award-winning antivirus program and high quality computer tuneup program in 1 professional, easy-to-use bundle. Additionally, AVG covers all of your cross-platform apparatus, such as Android and iOS.



Avast receives powerful scores from independent labs and contains a multitude of useful bonus features that provide added device security. Avast offers great support and has a solid value for the total price.



Avira Antivirus Pro gets powerful scores from our independent testing labs and has an intuitive online dashboard that allows you to handle security for all your devices from one centralized panel. It adds a couple of additional security features to the free Avira Antivirus.



You will find antivirus suites, then there are security mega-suites, software packages that come chock-full of security features to protect your devices. Bitdefender Total Security is one of those mega-suites. Bitdefender Total Security gets excellent ratings from independent testers and provides multi-device protection at a really affordable price.

Comparing Antivirus Software Suites

If your devices aren’t protected, they’re open to attack from several kinds of malware. There are dozens and dozens of antivirus software products available — many of which are free. You could even download antivirus products for a trial period, which provides you the opportunity to test out the available attributes.

Choosing the ideal antivirus software suite remains a tricky task for nearly all users given the sophistication of every solution and how the features work. Oftentimes, consumers overpay for an antivirus program suite they don’t require. Feature-rich products are designed for people that are described as heavy internet and device users.

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Performance Comparison

It’s usually true that antivirus software packages that give a good deal of features will drain a device’s resources. This is because of the significant number of processes running in the background which employs a whole lot of memory. But this doesn’t automatically disqualify the program. If your device can’t deal with the procedures, you can check the software interface to ascertain whether it’s possible to turn off features you don’t need.

Performance describes how well the antivirus program package defends against malware attacks. The influence on your apparatus can also be a factor in determining the standard of performance. If you can adjust settings to increase performance without sacrificing the security you need, you’re going in the right direction.

Cost Comparison

As a rule of thumb, the antivirus software suites offering the maximum standard of security will also be the most costly. Consider how you use the internet and if you truly want the additional features which are part of the bundle. Cheaper antivirus software suites might be the perfect fit for your device and supply adequate protection according to who uses the apparatus and the activities they participate in.

Promotions are also a wonderful way to find a deal on the antivirus software you would like. These promotions are generally provided by antivirus companies, through email or by third party suppliers. In the case of the latter, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you are dealing with a licensed supplier. Sites that run promotions on applications can lead you to links that allow malware — the very thing you’re attempting to protect against — to get access to your files and personal information. Trial versions of antivirus software suites are often basic versions of the item. You may typically benefit from a free month before beginning paying for the complete package. A possible drawback of trial applications is you might get regular prompts asking if you would like to upgrade to the premium version of the program.

Understanding Features

A sizable proportion of consumers who buy antivirus software doesn’t understand the purpose of the available capabilities. Malware, in its various forms, can be incredibly complicated in design. Antivirus software suites, therefore, need to add features that will keep up with progress in malware attacks. If you wish to gain from extra features, visit the supplier’s website and check the help page for a detailed explanation. The vast majority of packages will also have an integrated help feature comprising a database of useful information on malware along with the characteristics that are utilized to combat the possibility of an attack.