Ways to Protect Against Identity Theft

Over the last few decades, victims of identity theft have spent a substantial amount of their working years trying to repay debts or fighting tooth and nail so as to restore their credit rating in addition to their name and reputation. Finding out one is a victim of identity theft could really be overwhelming, frightening and a source of anxiety even after the situation might have been resolved and cleared.

Please do not be complacent, do anything you can to learn about identity theft and what you can do to reduce your odds of getting a different identity theft victim. These strategies can help protect your social security number from identity theft:

1. Make it an active policy of not sharing your social security number except you’re convinced otherwise and it is extremely important to launch it or it’s to your personal profit. If the person asking for it stresses how important it is that you make it accessible, simply ask from him/her why it’s needed. Request for evidence to back up his/her reason.

2. Do not ever publish your SSN on any of your personal documents such as; cheques, address labels, business cards, or another type of identifying information. Also, don’t ever carry your SSN card in your purse, or any other card for that matter including SSN. You can not ignore the fact your purse could be lost or stolen.

3. Try as much as possible to always resist local retailer’s requests to write your social security number on your cheques. Inform him on how you may be a victim of identity theft if your social security number and account number was supposed to get into the wrong hands, it may be used to gain access to your bank or credit accounts, or maybe to open a new account in your name.

4. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for issuing and mailing Social Security Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statements to its respective owner. Thus, please, listen to this document. Confirm that the information indicated in the document checks out so that your certain is right. And if you do not get it or do not know how to get one, then simply contact the SSA to confirm how to get this free report. And, in the event the information recorded isn’t entirely correct either in part or in full, contact the SSA immediately. Someone might be fraudulently using your SSN for employment purposes, so, please, do not take it lightly.

5. Make it a point of duty to always request a copy of your credit report periodically, either monthly, quarterly, every six months or yearly. And If, there’s the slightest possibility that, you’re a victim of identity fraud, the credit report will quickly reveal any signs of banking or credit fraud perpetrated using your SSN and name and you can quickly stop it before it gets too much. The report may even also show different SSNs connected or connected with your title.

6. If any business or business particularly private businesses requests your SSN, simply leave the area for the SSN on the form blank or write “refused” or N/A. Then, another cause of action is to talk to somebody in authority in the company or write into the business and explain why you don’t want your SSN discharged or displayed on the form to the prevention of identity fraud. However, should you not receive satisfaction from the first person you contact, approach someone else in the organization with greater clearance or authority. You can even request for a fantastic reason why your social security number is requested, and if the company insists on getting your SSN with no considerable reason, please, inform them that you’ll be taking your business elsewhere. And please, make good on this guarantee, if the business still persists. Know that you have the right to your privacy and reveal that right.

7. In some instances where you locate your employer displaying or releasing your social security number, please thing to this action, you have every right to object. Most private bodies do not see SSNs as personal information, so it is your job and obligation to let them understand the implication of their activities. They may even be prepared to change their coverage once they understand the double threat of invasion of privacy and fraud.

8. If by any chance or any reason your bank or any other financial service provider decides to settle with your SSN as your personal identification number (PIN) or as an identifier for your trades online, banking by telephone or internet. Write a letter of complaint to them, demanding they assign another PIN or identifier for your online banking and other obligations.

9. Additionally, if by chance, the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state assigns your SSN to you as your driver’s license number. Please, deny it and request an alternate number. Note that now, the federal law requires state Motor Vehicles sections to utilize a number other than the SSN for the driver’s license number.