About Us

Who We Are
Omar & Wally is a worldwide media organization devoted to helping millions of readers, audiences, and attendees triumph large in business via unrivaled access and best-in-class technology innovation.

Our History
In Omar & Wally, we have had our eyes closed to the cellular landscape since 2013. From our humble beginnings as a but enthusiastic group, we have become one of the most respected voices in technology coverage. Our dedication to quality and editorial integrity make us the most go-to source for Omar & Wally lovers all over the world, but the website has not always seemed like it now does.

Our Manifesto
Omar & Wally pushes the dialogue about business. With a worldwide perspective, the guiding wisdom of background, along with an unflinching eye into the future, we report and also show the stories that thing now –and which will matter much more tomorrow. Together with the dependable power to convene and challenge individuals that are forming business, society and commerce across the world, Omar & Wally lighting the path to international leaders–and provides them the resources to create business better.

Our Editorial Standards
Omar & Wallye is dedicated to creating journalism that fulfills the greatest standards of precision, fairness, transparency, and lawfulness. Our print, digital, and dwell goods aim to inform, delight, light hearted, and assist our readers, audiences, and attendees. We think that our merchandise must reflect our dedication to quality and ethics and we realize that our reputation is determined by upholding these journalistic values.

We welcome complaints about errors that warrant correction in addition to suggestions for additional clarification. Feedback may be directed to feedback@OmarandWally.com. When a correction or clarification is necessary, we’ll append a note in the bottom of the article describing the character of the shift in addition to the date and time it was created. A post requiring additional circumstance could include an editor’s note in the bottom or top.